On a Tropical Island Rain Forest,
Beside a tranquil flowing river near where we live on Maui,
Bobbie Jo performs a number of arrangements
With her Unique & Passionate Celtic Harp & Soulful Voice
Along with Deep Lyrical content

Escape to our Tropical Island & Treat Yourself to the
Soothing Music World of Bobbie Jo…

"Thank You" by Bobbie Jo Curley - Celtic Harp & Voice
This original composition is a tribute to Bobbie Jo's big brother
Reiner who passed at a young age, but left a beautiful legacy of
love, strength, compassion and joy
that resonates throughout his family...
and through the eternal ether
It also honors all of our ancestors...

Celtic Harp and Voice...the original 'blues harp'

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A Tribute to Etta James (RIP), Bobbie Jo Curley does "At Last"
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Nora Jones,
Don't Know Why on Celtic Harp

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"Water My Garden (Pot of Gold)" by Bobbie Jo Curley
Celtic Harp and Voice
An uplifting song written by Bobbie Jo that reminds us
how easy it is to create our own pot of gold in life...
The more we think about creating beauty, the more it happens
and the more we see what's already there
Celtic harp and voice amidst the perfect Tropical Rain Forest and
Babbling brook setting in Haiku, Maui

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"Anpiel (Guardian Angel of Birds)" by Shawna Selline
Performed by Bobbie Jo Curley-Celtic Harp
This beautiful composition by Shawna Selline
is perfect for weddings if the bride doesn't wish for
the traditional songs, but loves the baroque and classical feel. Enjoy the scenery and music as much as
Bobbie Jo enjoys playing her harp

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