Make Your Next Special Event - A HIPNAUTICAL one ;-) Maui's Most Mesmerizing Wedding Musicians
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Havin' Fun with Hipnautical

Soulful Melodies & Artful Musicianship
Deep meaningful lyrics blending smooth vocal harmonies and
Tasteful musical arrangements

We call our musical duet ... Hipnautical…
named by our fellow sailors & audiences through out the many years we sailed the pacific islands performing our music. Actually we had a different name to start with which was ‘Windward with Bobbie & Roger’, but as sailors do, we all called each other by their boat’s name, so Mr. & Mrs. Smith would more likely be called Mr. & Mrs. ‘name of their boat’.
Our boat was called S/V Hipnautical...

& then, 'we' ... became... Hipnautical

We each had a life long passionate music career,
Bobbie Jo with her elegant voice & intricate harp work &
myself with a wide range of guitar work from hard hitting progressive rock
jazz fusion to straight ahead jazz…
mainly music with waay too many notes ;-)

I’ve channeled all that ‘shred your head off Axe-cessive’ behavior from my electric guitar days
to a more mature acoustic style…

Together we are
Interweaving incredibly interesting intricate intonations
ironically to
iconic-ally inclined individuals
(In other words we’ve played some tricky tunes to some famous folks;-)

In 2007 we sailed away from Southern California,
trading our home there for a 51’ sailboat, which became our floating home for nearly 4 years
as we sailed along on our adventures.

We’ve played on the beach for local islanders
We had been the performing guests of honor with numerous island chiefs
Performed ‘Cockpit concerts’ on our sailboat while being completely surrounded by dinghies
(the small boats that sailors use to get to & from their big sailboats)
full of fellow hearty world sailing folks
bobbing around to our Hipnautical Tunes

We were very well received at the Bora Bora Yacht club &
invited to stay on at the Bora Bora Hilton to perform long term.  
We’ve played at just about every island we came to including in New Zealand, both Samoa’s, Tonga, Fiji & ...
a very special wedding event on a very remote Atoll in the northern Cooks called Suwarrow Island
The first ever wedding on Suwarrow;

We play a special sort of Eclectic Adult Contemporary Music of easy listening & interesting songs
Blending complimentary guitar styles & artful Celtic harp mastery interwoven with tasteful vocal harmonies.  Each of our songs has deep meaningful lyrics whether they are originals or our version of other’s songs.

We engage the audience in thoughtful conversations, a theatrical story line, setting up songs or groups of songs with meaningful explanations that allow the audience to feel intimately connected to our performances.

Although we are an acoustic duo performing ‘non-over bearing’ music
that allows the people to enjoy the venue with their loved ones & friends...
We are not in anyway’ anonymous wall-flower’ music
Most often our audiences are transfixed on the alluring nature of our intriguing songs whether we are softly & intimately singing a soulful heartfelt song or belting out a dynamic rocker.

Guitar & Flute Aquarium Cafe

We perform independently around Maui at Weddings, private parties & special events but are always seeking to perform at new venues that can appreciate our level of musicianship & quality of our performances.

We can record our performances with audiophile sound & create album quality mixes,
which we can offer to the interested party.
We can also record HD videos of our performances
along with an optional camera operator for panning & zooming, our high-resolution videos are a stunning asset to our audience & attendees of special event productions we perform for.

These HD videos & live audiophile recordings can be used by us & the venue’s management to promote our performances at the venue thru our websites & social media, insuring the successful endeavors of all involved.

We are inspired to perform our music on here on Maui
with the soul of Pacific Islands from our sailing adventures
in rhythm with the spirit of Aloha.

Hip at Minerva

Check out our Live

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Audiophile Quality
Hipnautical Live Recordings