A Modern Rock Opera with Orchestral arrangements tells the story of Amazing Sailing Adventures to remote Tropical Islands
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The fantasy of sailing thousands of miles at sea
to mysterious Islands
are portrayed in this exciting album!

Experience the soul of the Pacific
that has touch our souls from the countless but
never forgotten islands we have visited on our own
sailing adventures aboard our Sailing vessel
Hipnautical our Morgan Out Island 51 foot Ketch
With over 20 Voices and over
30 Instruments from Around the World
Each song tells part of an amazing story
as you are taken on a musical journey
that will
Entice your Adventurous Human Nature!

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Sail On & the first four song Medley

The first four songs are a continuous medley…
The album’s story begins with a lonely Harmonica crying out & a Dobro answering the call setting the mood with a deep ‘Southwestern music feel’ to portray Captain’ Roger’s southwestern roots now becoming stuck in a loathsome harbor as he prepares himself for a few years of ‘hard as’ boat work. He realizes his old boat is close to falling apart, so he begins his epic struggle to build a new world cruising catamaran.

Sail On was written in ‘ye ol’ fashioned Sea Chantey’ style with the ending strongly hinting that ‘We all need something to Dream About…& give us some Hope!’ …

See, Hear, Breath – Was conceived at the beach, being inspired by Seeing the Ocean stretching out over the horizon…
Hearing the Ocean sounds, the waves breaking off shore & the calming foaming wavelets gently caressing the sands at my feet…
Breathing in the Ocean scents, the salty crisp clear air that has just traveled thousands of miles to the replace the smoggy air of Los Angeles that I had breathed in for years.

With my toes in the sand & the wind in my face…
Dreams seem a lot more possible…
And indeed they became a reality more glorious than I could have dreamed them way back then.

I wrote this epic album in 6 months.
It took 3 years to record, spending 20 to 60 hours a week!

To afford the high dollar musicians on this album I often traded free studio time for their time they spent recording their parts;
this is how I met my wife Bobbie Jo ;-)

It took nearly 20 more years to finally buy my own world cruising sailboat & sail off for the south pacific, but the dreams that started on that Southern California beach so many years ago became a cherished reality with memories to last a life time.

See, Hear, Breath – Depicts the depressing ‘Dead Calm of Life’ in a very ‘Pink Floyd-ish’ style as the days of hard boat work turn into weeks, months & even years of seemingly endless boat work.
Years later we spent over 3 years in a very similar way, while working full time & then spending every spar moment to out fit our 30 year old boat into a trusty world cruising boat with all the high tech equipment required for navigation the world’s oceans.

Running with the ‘South Pacific Trades’ – Becomes a Christopher Cross “Sailing” like uplifting & inspirational song as our story unfolds with ‘Captain Rog’ sailing west over the endless horizons…just like I did some years later in real life.

Niome – In this song, the sailing adventure story discovers an un-inhabited island far off the normal sailing routs. When the crew stops by for a look see, our ‘Captain Rog’ is caught in a tropical storm while hiking in the hills above the anchorage & falls into an ancient cave. In a dream like state, he sees visions of a long gone race of island people that seemed to come alive in the cave. Blood curdling screams of sacrifice, Wall to Wall Drums, dancing warriors & the chants of the high priestess Niome fill these tracks with High Definition sounds.
As the crew spends a few weeks in this tropical splendor, Captain Rog strongly feels the spirit of the south pacific & occasionally hears the voice of Niome whispering with the breeze…

In my recording studio, it took over 60 hours to record these cannibalistic witch dr. percussion sounds. I again traded free studio time for three Cal Arts Percussion grads to perform this section. They brought in three large truckloads of world percussion instruments including human bones & skulls. They recreated bamboo percussion arrangements found only in some deep island nation cultures which uses bamboo sticks that range from an inch wide & two feet tall, to 8 inches wide & nearly as tall as the ceiling…In fact before they came over with the truck loads of percussion, they came to measure how high the ceiling was; they then constructed these bamboo replicas with PVC pipes.
Sail On Credits

Mother Ocean

In a way, the ‘Mother Ocean’ is like a Mother
in the fact that our blood contains a
similar ratio of salt in our veins.

Nearly all of us have a strong enchantment to the Sea. Perhaps it’s the possible opportunities that lie across the horizons, the idyllic dreamy Tropical Islands or just the desire to escape the little world, as we know it.

Before I could buy a boat I would windsurf obsessively, I would arrive before the winds start, windsurf until the wind stopped or got to dark to see. Then I’d sit on the beach while the moon came out, the moon sparkling over the water looked like millions of diamonds twinkling in the night.
I imagined how the sea would look while sailing thru the night on a full moon.

Years later I spent many overnight sails on watch
under big moons with it’s diamond like reflections
sparkling over the seas while our boat’s wake
lit up in the green phosphorescence,
trailed idly be hind us…

In this song a line “Landfall in Moorea, there to meet my…” Well, nearly 20 after writing this song, I find myself singing this song to a boat-load of fellow sailboat cruiser while anchored in Moorea.
It put a tear in my eye to realize that my dream had come true
& I’m living it ;-)
MotherOcean Credits

Sea Dreams

I walked into the gentle surf near Malibu with my Digital Audio Tape recorder & a pair of $1000 studio mics to capture the relaxing sounds of the sea.

You can even hear the foamy bubbles as the wavelets caress
the sandy shores.
At times on my tippy toes &
holding the $$ mics out of the water :-O

Take a moment to be taken away to this relaxing beach.
Take in a deep breath, let it out slowly…
After you shake off the anxious twitch of the rat race…
Take a slow stroll down the beach…
There you see your world cruising sailboat anchored
in clear waters that glow like turquoise jewels.
You’ve got ‘Permission to come aboard’!
So Let’s haul anchor & go sailing!

Sea Journey –
Former BBC announcer Lou Sexty narrates the story line of sailing thru the countless islands of the south pacific then journeys thru the Panama Canal and into the Caribbean.

The good ship & crew soon faced the hurricane winds of a late season cyclonic storm. In the shallow waters a narrow coral reef pass, storm generated wave lifts the boat higher than usual then slam her down hard on the bottom, breaking both rudders. The next wave pushes them out of the reef-lined pass and out to open sea where they deploy a sea anchor & drift safely away from the reef…

The storm builds it’s intensity & to portray the music of a ‘Storm at Sea’, our dear friend Dov plays quite a phenomenal Violin piece with his virtuosic talents.

I had taken inspiration from an arrangement by guitar virtuoso Steve Vie which he was influenced by a Mozart piece…
then I transcribed this (nothing too) basic melody &

re-formed it into a frantic portrayal of a sailboat out in the huge storm driven seas…

That was the easy part, I arranged this all on the computer, it printed out the ‘score’ & played the ‘midi’ files thru keyboards which played a real sampled recorded sounds of violins, violas, cellos…
but of course lacked the real human feel.
So often I arrange music on the computer that just is not humanly possible to play; this I feared the first Dov attempted to play the part in the studio. I apologized & told Dov that I’d remove a swath of notes to make the arrangement humanly possible to play…
but he takes offense when referred to as just human & reminded me that me that back on his home planet of Krypton that him & Superman played parts like this all the time…
A week later he came back & recorded that masterful violin peace.

Our Super Hero Violinist friend Dov….
“Saving our Planet One Note at a time” ;-)

The Story continues…
Dayz later the storm fades & our good ship & crew seem to be drifting towards a ‘friendly looking’ island…

But the island they were drifting towards was no resort,
instead it was the island village of a tribe of
old-world Caribbean religious worshipers
that in the past had been known to welcome their
un-suspecting guests for dinner….

SDSJ Credits


The song starts with a blood-curdling Scream :-O
Our Wayward ship & crew manage to anchor their disabled sailboat off this picturesque island. With dark forebodings of the local village of old-world religious worshipers that never officially denounced their cannibalistic ways, our crew contemplated how they would replace their broken rudders.

At night they couldn’t sleep on account of the loud tribal drums, chants, hoops & hollering going on at the village ceremonial bond fires. They nervously crept in closer to see what the villagers were up to but soon found themselves surrounded by a mob of scary lookin’ island warriors, which danced a menacing jump, leap & lunge movement…
Just when they thought they’d soon be joining the big dinner on the chief’s plate….the big Kahuna told them…
“We don’t wanna eat cha, no mon we believe in Jah…we’re vegetarians” ;-)
Within days, the chief’s war canoe builders had carved glorious new rudders & soon they would be on their way.

I recorded a wall of drums by over dubbing my drummer friend Casey’s 4 tom toms numerous times, each time I would change the speed of the 24 track 2” tape analog recorder slightly faster. When recording these normal drums at a faster speed, when played back at normal speed they have a deeper & larger than life sound!

I was lucky to have found the perfect ‘Voo Doo Chief’ voice of Das (in true Rasta form he has abandoned all but this ‘Rasta’ name).
After seeing him perform with the percussionist Jonathan Norton (whom performs his magic tracks through out this album) at a Hollywood venue I knew he had the perfect voice for the part.

Das has this very deep jovial voice a lot like the “un-Cola-Nut” man’s voice from the old 7-up commercial in the 1970 & 80s.
Met this Marquises Warrior along an ancient trail to the site of a long gone civilization that had spent millennia building stonewalls, Marae worship sites & temple houses.

This machete-welding fellow was a bit of a fright to see at first with his spinal cord disks earrings, bore’s tooth necklace…
& oh yea…he IS holding the dripping head of a giant wild boar!

After a few minutes of friendly chit-chat in the few words of broken Marquises, French English & lots of ‘charade’ like hand gestures, he continues down the trail.
With his back now turned, I could see a sawed off 12-gauge shotgun with a pistol grip & a few very long knives :-O
GottaVooDoo Credits_edited-1

Blood Red Sky ...there's VooDoo in the Aire
Minerva Reef 800


After the islanders help repair the catamaran’s twin rudders, the crew gladly accepts the Chief’s request for a passage to their people’s main island.
While sailing under a big full moon with the crew & passengers all asleep, Captain Rog comes across a broken looking boat & pulls up to see if they need a hand.
Then five men jumped out & forced their way aboard.
While the pirates were pillaging thru the ship’s stuff
the Voo Doo Chief, with a bone thru his nose & a spinal core neckless, he comes out with a bang & a shout which causes the pirates to flee for their lives like they had just seen the devil.

Soon the pirate leader recognized the ol’ Chief &
they hug like long lost friends.

The song ends with the whole gang singing ol’ pirates ditties while drinkin’ waay too much rum ;-)

Note the pedal steel solo by Mickey Wells during the Malay…
Mickey was a top call country session player, he didn’t have a need to trade studio time so I scrapped up enough dough to by his talents for one hour.
I asked him to play his pedal steel instrument thru a heavy metal guitar rig, to get a big loud & over driven he thought that was a cool thing to try as he has never tried that sound before. I told him I was going for that slide solo style made famous (in certain rock circles) by Pink Floyd….but heavy metal, rock & roll & Pink Floyd was completely un-heard of in his world….at the time…

I had previously set up a number of mics, pre amps & tube compressors so it didn’t take much time to dial in the sounds & levels to tape. So while he was getting warmed up by playing along with the track, I put him into Record & told him to just to explore the track while I set the final levels.

Turns out the levels we're right on
His riffs while warming up...
hearing the track for the first time
is the solo you’ll hear on this song Pirates.
I recorded a number official ‘takes’ but it was the magic that happened on that first warm up pass that really ‘slammed it home’!

Pirate Credits

Can't Look Back

After sailing halfway around the world to the west then another world passage to the east finds our good ship & crew in the heart of the Caribbean.
I found this cool Rasta gal
Celay jamin’ on the steel drums & singin’ in da Reggae Style near the waterfront in Marina Del Rey while on a bike ride. Took her card & months later had her come over and record these roots Reggae vocal arrangements that prelude the song. Magic happened when she got into her part and soon was making corrections to my lyrics, she changed a few words around to better ‘be’ in da tropical island vernacular …
Instead of I have been sailing…it now goes “I B Sailin’”…

I recorded Celay’s vocal arrangements on a new 24 track 2” tape. When we were done tracking her vocals I mixed them down to the two track-mastering recorder. Now the trick here is to record this vocal track on to the main 24 track tape session at just the right time to be in sync with the song…It’s generally a hit & miss process, cue up the two track tape deck’s vocal part, press play on the 24 track machine & the two track then put the 24 track in ‘Record’…
At best you can only hope to be reasonably Close,
but some how with the first try
the vocals landed on an un-expected ‘up-beat’ and our vocal arrangement of ‘Oooohs & Aughs’ now took on a very different but swanky funk feel. (It was more sort of a “one-e-and- a” timing)

Listen to this funky feel just after the vocal prelude part &
right when the steel drums intro in the main song.

Celay continues to belt out authentic Caribbean church choir power Oooohs & Aughs’ throughout the song.

Steel Drums are played by percussion extraordinaire Ray McMamara, whom shortly after got a cool gig with Jimmy Buffet’s steel drum player. Ray is a Cal Arts Grad & his virtuoso performance on this song really takes you to the hopin’ beaches of Trinidad.

In the Ska tradition I brought together horn section with Trombone, Sax & Trumpet that really laid down the slamin horn tracks make the song snap. The Trombone & Trumpet play inter-woven solos, followed by Ray on the Steel Drums.
Taking the long jam home…the long way… ;-) is Charles Hayes of Ike & ‘THE’ Tina Turner fame. This guys’ got character & so does his sax, if you listen real carefully near the end you can hear his pad smacking when levered with gusto…I left it in as part of the magic!

A midi keyboard sample of a real Hammond B-3 organ was played by Bobbie Jo Curley & recorded into the midi sequencer computer, which ran in sync with the smpte time code on the analog tape. When the song was beign mixed, the output of the B3 organ sound was plugged into a real Lesley Rotating Speaker System, mic’d in stereo & added to the mix in real time.
While mixing the song & pressed the ‘slow & fast’ buttons to change the speed of the Rotating Lesley Speakers. At the end of the song you can clearly hear the Hammond B3 swirling with all it’s glory during the fade out ;-)
Can't Look Back credits

Here we are sailing away from everything & everyone we know :-O
Note the new covers & a cover on the cover ;-)
Ventura California, our home port has faded with our wake...

by Roger Curley (Bobbie'Jo's husband ;-)

Bobbie Jo Sings backing vocal arrangements & Harp throughout the Album.

Produced by Roger Curley
Audio Recording Engineers Roger Curley & Darwin Briggs
Mastered by Hank Waring at FDS
Cover Art by Cathy Bitonio
Liner Notes by Catherine D. Curley
All Lyrics and Music by Roger Curley,
Except ‘Pirates’, Lyrics Co-Written by
Roger Curley & Tony Kariotis
All Sound FX Recorded Live in the Field
To Digital Audio Tape Recorder by Roger Curley
All Songs published by
Hipnautical Records with BMI

We Performed our Duet Live all over the South Pacific as

Hipnautical in Algerian200
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In God We Trust (Qualified Deities only ;-)
… All others may use their choice of payments ;-)