Harp Fest Maui 2012 Part 01
As we invite everyone with Good Cheer to our holiday harp-fest, the audience is greeted with an ensemble piece.
Then the listener is introduced to the Bray Harp, an interesting ancient version of the harp, with a nasal sounding tone.
The 3rd piece in part 1 is an improvisation on the 'ground' of Greensleeves. A bass accompaniment with improvised melody was initially referred to as 'ground round'.
The last piece is Ginny, solo, on her Spanish Harp
Harp Fest Maui 2012 Part 02
A beautiful rendition of a traditional carol sung by Jackson, Riu Riu Chiu, takes us on a minstrel's journey. The audience is then treated to two dances with the harps in ensemble. The Pavanne was a slower stately dance, followed by a livlier song--the Galliard. This section continues with a beautiful solo carol played by Geoffrey Naylor. We are then given a history lesson about the Celtic Wire strung harp which became the symbol of Ireland. When the British came to 'take over', they out-lawed all harps. They burned all the harps and hung the harpists because they presided over the troops; singing their stories, rallying them into battle, and calming their tired & battered souls and the end of the day. A beautiful and very distinguished sound, the wire strung harp...played beautifully by Elaine Olson.
Harp Fest Maui 2012 Part 03
In 1725, Vivaldi instills a sense of wonder with his incredible imagery through harmony....starting with a frightful icy cold walk that ends in front of a cheery fire with comraderie and joy. "Winter" is an ensemble piece arranged by Ginny Morgan, the mastermind (along with hubby Alfie) of this show. Then we are off on a Pachelbel's Ensemble journey with improvisations on his Canon in D. We are then treated to a couple Latin American Carols including Feliz Navidad with Ginny's son Joe on Violin.
Harp Fest Maui 2012 Part 04
Our guest harpist from Oahu, JanJoy Sax, performs & sings a lovely medley of Hanukkah songs.
Then we are introduced to and given a bit of history of the Pedal Harp which is played by Irene Ryding.
Harp Fest Maui 2012 Part 05 Oh Holy Night, Carol of the Bells
Bobbie Jo Sings Solos ;-)
Alfie and Ginny join Bobbie Jo on O Holy NIght with flute, cello & harp.
Then we are treated to a Carol of the Bells duet with Irene and Bobbie Jo with the audience joining us on the last chorus.
Harp Fest Maui 2012 Part 06
A rousing rendition of Good King Wencelas starts of this section.
Then we move into a duet that Ginny wrote called the piping carol with Alfie & Ginny on the two cross strung harps that he made.
Harp Fest Maui 2012 Part 07 "Holy" An original composition by Bobbie Jo
and the band she used to be with, '
Sagewing', called 'Holy' is a
spiritual reminder of how precious our Earth is--the rocks, trees, rivers, mountains, children...the moment we realize that everything is holy, we will find peace.
Harp Fest Maui 2012 Part 08
Irene Ryding treats us to a version of Jesu Bambino on the Pedal Harp. Then we learn about the healing aspects of the harp and how Hospice Maui is incorporating the sound of the harp in their therapy programs. Irene is a familiar face with Hospice Maui and spends much of her time traveling to people's homes to provide comfort and peace, joy and serenity in their difficult times. The piece she plays is an original composition she wrote for the transitional phase of moving from this world into the next.
Harp Fest Part 09 I'll Be Home for Christmas
With the chromatic abilities of the cross strung harp, any kind of music can be done.
Alfred arranges 'I'll be Home for Christmas' for 3 harps with
Bobbie Jo on Voice.
Elaine joins Ginny & Alfie on her wire strung harp for that added beautiful bell like tone in the upper register.
Harp Fest Maui 2012 Part 10
We end the show with a sing along of popular carols with the audience. A fun time had by all! Thanks so much to Ginny & Alfred Morgan and Ginny's son Joe for their hard work in creating this great show...Mahalo Nui Loa to the actors, musicians, and all who came for such a successful evening! We'll be back!
Harp Fest Maui 2012 Part 11 PostShowStrike
Boy when this show was over EVERYBODY was in a BIG HURRY to get to the AFTER SHOW PARTY ;-)