Surf Skis are advanced ocean kayaks
a wee bit wobbly but REAL FAST :-O
The same day I was creating the first video here,
Oscar on Oahu was being clock at 35 knots riding a huge southern swell

Glide along & get a real view of the watery world here on Maui.

Quite relaxing & tranquil....most of the time it is....when I'm not focused on not running into hidden coral heads, rocky out cropping s, or getting trounced by a 'Rude Wave' or getting blown out to sea...

Surf Ski Ma'alaea Bay to Lighthouse Point :-O

It starts out nice & calm & it usually does....
But the winds at the lighthouse point was driving down the slopping 'ol volcano catibolically
Knocking me off my wobbly ride & giving me serious ambition to just
Keep paddling, just keep paddling....basically PADDLE OR DIE :-O

Unfortunately when I was able to frantically place my GoPro back on my head it was pointed up at the sun, so during the worst of it the camera angle diminishes the farce of da winds...

Where my video camera diminishes the dramatic Edgy Fusion Music with a storm of notes pretty well helps portray some of the chaos of the day ;-)
Surf Ski Maui - Papalaua to Maalaea Lighthouse
Surf Ski Ma'alaea to Kihei
Look for the Hawaiian Surfing Goddess ;-) & Rude Waves :-O
Surf Ski Palauea to ALMOST Mololkini - Of Coarse a few weeks later 'Sans the GoPro' Camera
I pull off an incredible Circumnavigation of Molokini :-O

Do ya Luv being in, on or around the water?
Do you & your Honey LUV your SUP,
Surf board, kayak, snorklin', floatin on yer belly or just wading in?

Why Not Tie the Knot 'Nautically' !

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