The Flatsicle Harp is a high quality yet cost effective instrument built to offer a lifetime of musical fulfillment
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Flatsicle® Harp
best entry level harp
Flatsicle® Harp
  • Flatsicle Harp Specifications:
  • 26 Strings - from the G two octaves above Middle C to the C below Middle C
  • 33.5 inches / 85.09 cm tall at the point (fits in most airline overheads)
  • 5 lbs/ 2.27 kg
  • 11 Modified Robinson Sharping Levers (C, F, B)
Flatsicle Harp price $599.00
Shipping for this item within the continental United States of America is $55
Total price shipped within the continental United States of America is $654.00

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Due to the ever increasing popularity and high demand for Harpsicle® Harps,
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