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Harpsicle® Harp

Designed like the
Renaissance harp
Harpsicle Harp can be played in the keys of C, A minor and
all other modes of the C scale
or tuned to any other scale

It has no bridge pins so levers cannot be added,
however there is a wealth of music published in these keys.

This lovely little lap harp
is perfect for beginners or
the traveling harpist!

There is an Acoustic/Electric option available now!
You can choose to have an
internal electric pickup installed
so you can plug in to an amplifier and

‘Rock On!’

  • Harpsicle® Harp Specifications:

  • 26 Strings - from the G two octaves above Middle C to the C below Middle C

  • 33.5 inches / 85.09 cm tall at the point (fits in most airline overheads)

  • 5 lbs/ 2.27 kg

Harpsicle Harp price $399.00

Shipping for this item within the continental United States of America is$55
Total price shipped within the continental United States of America is$454