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confirm availability & current Pricing !

Offering the Essential Accessories that really make sense ;-)

Keep your new Harp safe while traveling to gigs with a padded carrying bag!
The best time to buy a gig bag is when it’s new ;-)
So many times I’ve put this off
until I’ve put many miles of wear & tear on an instrument

The Tuner is must have item to the new or the experienced Harpist.
It takeS the guess work out of keepin’ all those strings sing’in pretty ;-)

Choose your style of playing the harp
ether on your lap with the Harpsicle Stick,
or attach your
Harpsicle to the Adjustable Floor Stand &
play while sitting in your choice of chairs
. ...(chairs sold separately ;-)
Attach a shoulder strap, stand up & Rock with the band...
Of play your harp as you meander thru a garden


Harpsicle® Harp Bag

You should protect your Harpsicle® Harp with this durable cordura fabric padded carrying bag with closed cell foam padding. This kind of foam is superior to the open cell and provides ultimate protection. The Harpsicle® Harp Bag has special pockets for your music and lap stick, double zippers, and shoulder strap for carrying ease.

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Price Includes Shipping ;-)

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Grand Harpsicle® Harp Bag

Its best to protect your Grand Harpsicle® Harp with this high quality, durable padded carrying bag. Especially designed to fit your Grand Harpsicle®, it will offer long lasting protection.
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Price Includes Shipping ;-)

Snark Super Tight Clip-On Tuner
(Highly Recommended)

This handy clip-on tuner is a must for any stringed instrument and a breeze to use. Just clip the tuner onto any part of the harp or other instrument (preferably on the arch of the harp—or harmonic curve) to pick up the vibrations. You can also clip it onto one of the tuning pins. There is a back-light display which will indicate what note is being playing and whether it is sharp or flat. There is no microphone for it to pick up outside ambient noises, so it is a very accurate tuner.

Internal Backlight gives great visibility
Features a double ball-joint, which allows for
multi-angle positioning
This gives greater mobility for viewing the display
Clips on to any stringed instrument for cable-free tuning!

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Price Includes Shipping ;-)

Harpsicle® Harp Lap Stick

Although Harpsicle® Harps are usually easily held by most folks,
this handy little stick clamps to the inside of an access hole on the back of your harp to rest your harp easily on your thighs.
Lap harps can sometimes be difficult to keep on your lap and
the Harp Stick takes care of that problem!
It should work on most other lap harps as well.
Only available in natural wood.
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Price Includes Shipping ;-)

Adjustable Floor Stand for the Harpsicle® Harp

This adjustable stand is great for sitting at your harp to play and adjusts for children and adults alike! This sturdy stand pivots to different angles and will adjust for a perfect fit to different heights. The bottom of the harp will elevate from 13” to 21”, which makes the top of your harp elevate from 34” to 42”. Once the harp is locked in to the stand it will not budge. The back of the base has a strip of felt for extra padding and feet of the stand have rubber grips to prevent sliding. This stand is available only in natural wood with metal legs.
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Harpsicle® Harp Stand

Display your Harpsicle® Harp with this new, sturdier design of wooden stand. It locks the harp gently into place and it’s very easy to assemble (only 2 screws!)
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Harpsicle® Harp Strap

If you wish to play your Harpsicle® Harp standing up, just use this strap made of nylon. This soft yet strong strap will hold its color and has leather ends like a guitar strap to attach to the buttons at the base and shoulder of your harp.
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So Come on and Join the Parade!
Buy a Harpsicle and a nifty shoulder strap Today ;-)

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Electric Pickup Kit

This electrical pickup is easy to install in any Harpsicle® Harp
If you wish to upgrade your harp to plug into sound systems...
Order your Today!
Comes with very simple Instructions.
Requires a standard guitar chord with 1/4” phone plugs
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