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This book gives you the necessary tools to
develop your basic skills in playing your
Hall Crystal Glass Flute

It covers how to hold the flute
how to produce a good tone
playing the lower and upper registers
single, double and triple tonguing
staccato notes, half tones, changing octaves
and complete fingering charts for
all Hall Flute models

The CD includes additional instruction and
plays all the songs in the book.

Size: 9 x 12 inches, 23 pages
CD is 32 minutes long

Price includes shipping ;-)
$12.00 Book only $19.00 Book with CD


Hall Crystal Flute cleaning rod
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The Hall Crystal Flute cleaning rod is designed to fit the bore of each flute. It is a quality tool, made from 100% cotton flannel over a foam core. Only one pass is necessary to restore the flute’s clear tone and remove accumulated moisture. The rods come in three different sizes.

Price includes shipping ;-)


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