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2 octave range * 12.5 inches long--317mm x 16mm
primary Key-C secondary key-F

Price includes shipping ;-)
This is our lower pitched piccolo and also makes the crisp clean sounds
mellower than a silver piccolo.

The C piccolo plays one note lower than the D piccolo.
They are both great for smaller hands and the
fingering holes are placed a bit closer together,
making for easier covering of the tone holes.

Piccolos require a tighter embouchure than larger flutes because of their higher pitch.

Hand crafted with Borosylicate Crystal glass
Decorated with kiln-fired glass enamels and 22K gold,
making each one of these flutes a serious work of art.


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Blue Delft

Bristol Celtic


Donegal Celtic

Dundee Celtic

Green Ivy

Lurgan Celtic



Taj Mahal

White Lilly

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