Very unique and beautiful sounding hand crafted Crystal flutes with clear tones and a variety of elegant designs – Fullfill your musical desires & Learn how to play the Flute Today!
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Hall Glass Flute Live Cassinovas
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Bobbie Jo has played the same
Hall Crystal Glass Flute for over 20 years
& brought it along on her epic Sailing Adventures of over 20,000 miles!
And it has Not broke yet…

Hall Glass Flutes sound great & will last for ‘Lifetimes’ ;-)

Bobbie Jo


Hall Crystal Flutes are very unique and beautiful sounding flutes
with clear tones and a variety of elegant designs.
These flutes are a delight to beginners and accomplished musicians alike
because of their crystal clear sound.

All Hall Crystal Flutes are hand crafted with Borosylicate glass and then
decorated with kiln-fired glass enamels and 22K gold,
making each one of these flutes a serious work of art.

Each flute is nestled in a dark green gift box and comes with a fingering chart
and a one year manufacturer’s full warranty against accidental breakage.

Every Hall Crystal Flute is meticulously hand tuned and shaped with a
modern Boehm taper to produce a note range of 2 ½ octaves.

Hall Flutes make excellent gifts for anyone on your list for any occasion
and are truly one of the MOST AFFORDABLE FLUTES on the market today.

How about a Rose with Gold leaf for Momma on Mother’s Day
or that Special Person in your life on any day! ;-)

Hall Crystal Flutes range in ‘size and key’
Starting with:
The highest pitched and smallest piccolo
HALL CRYSTAL PICCOLO IN “D” $64.00 Price includes shipping ;-)
2 octave range, 11.1 inches long--281mm x 15 mm
primary key-D * secondary key-G

It makes crisp clean sounds that are mellower and
softer than the silver piccolo.

Up to the largest flute we make:

HALL CRYSTAL FLUTE IN “D” $94.00 price includes shipping ;-)
2 ½ octave range, 21.8 inches long—553mm x 22mm
Primary key-D * secondary key-G

Produces beautifully deep and mellow tones.

We recommend this flute highly to all levels of musicians!

With the sweet and pure tones of this flute,
you will spend many a pleasant hour.

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AVAILABLE IN SIX DIFFERENT SIZES! ~ ~ ~ ~ Click a Flute Size for more info

2 ½ ocrtave range * 16.6 inches long--421mm x 18mm * primary key-G * secondary key-C
Price includes shipping ;-)
This middle-sized flute creates a very sweet tone that is a cross between the piccolo and the large D flute.
The tone holes are spaced in a friendly way for the average teen or women’s sized hand—
a wonderful choice for the novice or beginner flutist!

Haven't your always wanted to play a cool Flute like this?
You Deservie one...or more ;-)

Hand crafted with Borosylicate glass
Decorated with kiln-fired glass enamels and 22K gold,

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Blue Delft

Bristol Celtic


Donegal Celtic

Dundee Celtic

Green Ivy

Lurgan Celtic



Taj Mahal

White Lilly
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Fingering chart and a padded storage box included with each flute


This is how we make our great product even better!
we offer a full one year warranty that also
Covers accidental breakage… What a bonus!

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For All Orders please contact Bobbie Jo to
confirm availability & current Pricing !