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The Harp; My Other Limb!

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The Harp; My Other Limb!

Is music your passion? It sure has been mine since I can remember…there was so much music when I grew up. I so loved to sing and then started piano when I turned 6. I really don’t think my parents needed to make me practice; I remember wanting to sit at the piano and hear those beautiful melodies coming out. They seemed to make everyone else feel good too, so I just couldn’t get enough.

So here I am 45 or so years later writing some of my first blogs ever, and still, the wandering minstrel-ette. I picked up guitar at age 10, and the ever so lovely Celtic Harp when I hit 19. I certainly couldn’t turn back from that…in fact the beauty that I saw first playing one was Shawna Selline and I made her follow me home. It’s easy when you live a block away from the college we went to. We were both taking a scoring and arranging class, and she brought her harp in. It certainly was love at first site with this instrument. Not only is it set up just like the piano, it is ancestor to the piano also. If you can play the piano, you can play the harp! As Shawna was playing, I could tell exactly where she was and what she was doing (note wise.)

Imagine, if you will, the white keys of the piano—these are the strings of the harp. The harp is color coded with the Cs being red and the Fs blue. That makes it quite handy when you are looking askance at a plane of strings. How would you know where to pluck with no reference?

So, being the ancestor to piano, the harp is a very forgiving and quite easy instrument to learn how to play. Within one year, I was already doing weddings and winning harps at the Irish Faire harp competitions. In other words, the harp has become one of my limbs and it is so enjoyable to play.

I play for a couple elderly living places here in Maui and I also go to the chemo ward at the hospital and play for the patients when they are receiving their treatments. I believe that music is a great healer and a wonderful comfort to ailing and elderly people. The harp is so ancient and so resonant that it has become one of the top choices in music therapy.

Every time and everywhere I play, the harp touches people in a very deep and spiritual way. I couldn’t ask for a better life!!