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People sometimes ask me if I write songs and how I do it. Each person has a different approach to songwriting. Mine is pretty literal. I don’t usually write a song and create some sort of story. The story is actually my life and the experiences that come about bringing inspiration.

Sometimes I’m not really sure where it comes from because it comes so fast. For example, I was sitting in my garden the other day watching a flower open. It opened in 10 minutes! That’s really fast. Well the song came out just as fast, pretty much.

I just allow words to start flowing through my head…usually the lyrics come first and the melody and chords follow. The lyrics seem to bring about what kind of sound needs to be coupled with them. Sometimes the ‘hook’ comes with the lyric. For example, I’m in the Safeway parking lot, worrying about hurrying up, when all of a sudden the lyric and hook just popped in my mind….’time is of no essence…time is of no creed. Time will wear your shoes down, and time will give you what you need.” Bingo…a song.

Sailing at night under the big dark sky with billions and billions of stars is another favorite place for inspiration. Not too many people can get out there, but there are plenty of places with a dark sky and lots of stars.

Huge old growth forests with the damp smell of moss and mulch are excellent places to bring forth thoughts and deep feelings.

I find that any detail of our normal everyday lives has the seed for opportunity in the storyline of a song. Say you are having a difficult moment trying to understand a situation—write about it!

Sometimes the best songs come from deep seated problems or feelings: look at “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door”…look at “Wonderful World”…look at “Wonderful Tonight”…all of these songs have a personal statement—deep feelings—or a problem that needs attention, or even just the beauty of everyday things.

It sure is great to be a storyteller and be able to create songs through stories, but I find that my own life is full of stories and plenty of content to write about. Even the mundane things in life can add to your inspiration…”scrape the mold off the bread and serve you French toast again…” (Sheryl Crow) “If it makes you happy…it can’t be that bad!”

Just keep writing! Blessings, Bobbie Jo